Aoife Kavanagh

About: I really only started photography in January 2023. I had been working on Equine sales videos before I started so I had taken photos and videos in auto mode on the phone quite frequently. I had taken a course on smartphone photography so a lot of the settings were the same as on my Canon M50 MKII mirrorless camera.
I mainly focus on Equine photography. I go to Equine events most weekends and take photos at them. I'm trying to start my own business called Between The Ears Equine Videos where I go to yards and either do sales videos of horses or promo videos. I can also do photography for an event and do a short video of the day.
People see the camera and will stop and ask what I am going to take photos of and my answer is always "Anything that moves". It could be a garden bird, a squirrel, a dog, a horse, even a tractor but if it moves and catches my attention, I could sit for hours taking photos.

Interests: Horse riding, as you can imagine is a major part. I have spent years working with horses and riding. It aids my specialty in Equine photography as I know what most people are looking for in an action shot.
I am also a massive fan of music. My musical tastes go from Irish trad music to country, to EDM and house music and usually I can be found with a pair of headphones on while I edit photos but god only knows what I'll be listening to that day.

History: I struggled very bad with my mental health prior to taking up photography. I was at the point where I'd drive to town to do the shopping and I'd sit in the car for 90 minutes, start up the car and go home again because the anxiety would take over. It took a massive amount of work but it has given me a new lease of life. I can go out and talk to complete strangers comfortably about a hobby I am passionate about. Wexford Photographic Group has definitely helped with this.

What Aoife has to say: There is no better feeling than capturing that moment you were looking for. The group has been such a great help to me in all things photography. From getting out and about taking photos, learning entirely new skills or helping with composition. If you are new to photography, the best way to immerse yourself into the photography world is join a club, you'll learn so much and you also have the help and support from other photographers.

Between The Ears - Equine Videos

Instagram: aoifekav0870

Galleries: Borris Horse Fair 2023

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