Diego Malatesta

About: My interest in photography started in my twenties, when I picked a Nikon D70 after meeting a friend that had a DSLR. I started learning the basics of photography with the aim to shoot nature and wildlife, which at that time really interested me. However due to other factors the thing didn't last long and I sold the camera after one year.
Fast forward to 2023, I decided to pick photography up again (borrowing my lovely wife's Nikon D5600) as a way to force myself to go out there to express my creativity rather than always staying home. I'm still finding my space in photography and right now my interest is shifting more towards street photography and architecture, especially black and white, although I still love to shoot nature and wildlife.

Interests: Other than photography, I'm really into computers (I'm a software engineer lead by trade), I love music, I play the electric bass and drums, I'm slowly learning digital painting, and I enjoy role playing games with friends.

History: Being a web developer, and an avid gamer, I've always been glued to my computer since I can remember. This enabled me to explore many creative outlets, and although many of them didn't last long, it made me pretty good at quickly grasping the basics of most things I get into. That said, I consider myself a beginner in most things I do, as there's always something new to learn.

Have to say: I think modern culture is obsessed with goals and success (whatever that means). We should not forget that although goals are fine, and can give us direction and purpose, the act of achieving the goal lasts an instant, where the process to get there is our life.
Enjoy the process!

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