Donna Kehoe

About: I have always been interested in photography – mainly other people’s. I got my first DSLR about 20 years ago but started to focus on my photography much more recently than that. I have recently obtained a Nikon Mirrorless camera and my first prime lens – creating a renewed focus on improving my art. I am also a keen advocate of smartphone photography – after all, the best camera you have is the one you have with you! Street photography and architecture were my first interests. But now I am increasingly drawn to seascapes, especially in places I am familiar with in Wexford and Eastbourne, UK. A particular interest is documenting plastic pollution in our seas.

Interests: I walk everyday with my dog - many of my images are taken on these walks. A current goal is to obtain an RPS distinction and I have a photographic project underway to achieve this. I also belong to a singing group but would not call myself a singer by any stretch of the imagination! I also have an interest in furniture restoration and gardening.

History: After a career in IT and finance in London, I am now kicking back and enjoying a different pace and focussing more on photography. I entered my first competitions in the past year and sold my first ever image! I am building a body of work and developing within the genres I enjoy most – landscape/seascape, urban and abstract.

What Donna has to say: Take more photos! The best camera you can use is always the one you have with you – so experiment with your smartphone too!

Instagram: TheNinnyButters