Finbarr Healy

About: Over the years I would have bought photography magazines and enjoyed browsing through them, admiring well captured photographs by both amateur and professional photographers. Press photographs in various publications always caught my eye. I thoroughly enjoy a well thought out or composed photograph along with the story behind it. Three times in Ireland I was lucky enough to have seen The World Press Photo Exhibition. Any opportunity to visit an International Photography Exhibition while on holidays abroad was always a bonus. In 2017 I decided to dip my toe into the water and I took up photography to see where it would take me. That is almost 6 years ago and my photography has grown from strength to strength. I am still on a steady learning curve. Along the way I've met, watched and listened to many fantastic amateur photographers who have always imparted their knowledge and encouraged me to get to where I am today.

Interests: Outside of photography I take a keen interest in all things nature, especially bird watching. The changing seasons and what they bring from a nature point of view is something I await each year. I am lucky enough to live in a farming community and near the sea and this presents a win win for me as far as my photography is concerned.

History: With a busy work schedule time just didn't present itself for me to take up photography. In 2017, I was going on a long distance holiday. I bought a Canon 70D which came with a 18-135mm kit lens. The lens especially proved to be a good choice range wise for the various types of photography I would encounter. One camera body and one lens was a winning formula for me back then. That camera and lens served me very well in my first few years at photography. I got bitten more by the photography bug and I upgraded my camera equipment to suit the genres of photography I enjoy most today.

What Finbarr has to say: I'm so glad I made the decision to delve into the world of photography almost six years ago. I have never regretted it. I am on a fantastic journey. Around us everywhere are constant subjects to photograph. Not everyone see these subjects or brief moments. Making mistakes in ones photography and getting good constructive critique along with encouragement by ones peers is probably the best driving force for my photography.  Joining Wexford Photographic Group for me was a "Decisive Moment". The main type of photography I enjoy is street photography, people, horse fair folk, farming people and trawlermen at work in their surroundings on the quayside.

Punchestown Races Festival - Photo Competition sponsored by Bermingham Cameras on the 11th June 2023 - Finbarr gets 1st place and wins a Canon EOS R7 mirrorless camera. See Finbarr's other images taken on the day - Click HERE

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