Orla McEvoy

About: I started my photography journey during lockdown and this period was immensely therapeutic for me personally and it was a perfect time for me to learn more about photography. I enjoy watching tutorials online but a photography group is definitely the best way to learn as you can gain great insight from other members.
I hope my photos portray my deep connection to nature and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the landscape with me. For me, there is no place on Earth as enchanting as Ireland.  I believe that Art should bring peace in a fast- paced world and photography, for me, transfers that feeling from place to print.

Interests: I enjoy walking and bring the camera along on hikes. I enjoy Travel, Yoga and Reading.

History: I studied Business and Languages in college but then decided to travel the world as a cabin crew member with British Airways. I have also worked in education and am now a full time Mum.

What Orla has to say: We are all learning in the group. The best advice I have is go out shooting with the aim of getting one good photo and an equally good walk and you have gained.

Orla B McEvoy - Fine Art Photography

Instagram: orla_b_mcevoy

Email: momentsbyorla@gmail.com