Peter Gaynor

About: When I was younger I always enjoyed taking photographs from my first Kodak Disc camera to Pentax Espio 120 film camera, it was point click and drop the roll of film in to 1 Hour photo. My initial interest was photographing the concerts/gigs I went too, this interest continued when I purchased my first point and click digital camera.
I bought my first DSLR back in 2015 and since then my interest in photography grew, and I am now actively setting up shots for best compositions, checking weather conditions or times for moonrises/sunsets etc, hunting area where wildlife is may be prowling and sitting for hours and the thrill of hoping to get a sharp image or possibly get a sometime blurred image of a fox or bird, and then editing images on my PC.

Interests: Outside of photography I enjoy spending time and walking the local Wexford trails with our Dog Tommy. I am also a bit of a collector, especially Movie\Music memorabilia, I specifically collect records(or Vinyl as the young ones now say), model cars from TV and movies and numerous other items.

History: Born n’ breed in Dublin and lived there for 50 out of my 52yrs. During the pandemic we decided to move to my wife’s hometown of Enniscorthy in the Sunny Southeast, and added to our family with a rescue dog from Dogs Trust called Tommy as mentioned above.
After I finished school I worked in various areas but in the mid 90’s I worked for a Computer company building and testing computers and since then I have been working in the IT sector.

Achievements and Commercially used Images

Please take a look at some of my competition winning images - Click HERE